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Sam Seagate May 20th 16 03:06 AM

sudden return of plantar fasciitis
On 05/19/2016 02:00 PM, Ed Prochak wrote:
On Monday, April 25, 2016 at 12:41:22 PM UTC-4, Sam Seagate wrote:
On 04/23/2016 02:01 PM, Beach Runner wrote:


Hi, I went back to the Walking Company to update my inserts. They
have improved their technology and I love the improvements in their
sport orthodic. Besides their sensors measuring the foot, your
pressure points,
your gait, they are now water wicking and breath.

I was finally able to visit the store today. My feet were measured
twice: first by taking a step with each foot across a platform, and then
standing on the platform. From this information, they computed an
insert for my shoes. This is the first time my feet have been checked
in more than one way. With the Dr. Scholl's machine, there was only a
single standing measurement, so with the additional method I'm hopeful.
Since this particular store is in a mall, I then walked very fast a
couple of miles around the mall with the new inserts. So far, so good
and no pain, but I won't really know until I get out to my walking
locales and go three+ miles for a couple of days. Keeping my fingers
crossed. Will report back.


A long delayed reply but Good luck!

That's ok. I have an update. So far, so good, but there are caveats,
the biggest one being that I am really, really taking it careful and
easy this time around. My days are still cut in half from what they
used to be, and the same with my distance, so I end up walking around
60% less mi per week. So that comes out to 4 mi/ 3 days a week. I'm
not ready to press further because I can still feel a touch of pain some
days in the affected foot. When this happens, I double up skipped days
to give the area more time to acclimate.

I will continue this reduction pattern probably throughout much of the
Summer and perhaps adding a day more in another month or two. I
certainly don't want to push too much, or I'll end up right back where I
started. I always have the bicycle to substitute if I need it.

I envy most runners I see. Most are quite thin, which I am not, and I
think that it a real advantage because it means far less force exerted
on the feet and legs. I suppose if I lost 50 lbs I could maybe start
running, but I haven't been at that weight since I was 14. So, for now,
I'll try to stick with what I have and make it work.


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