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Johnny Two Pedals July 21st 03 06:01 PM

IQ-Sport Qruzer Spin Bike repair parts
The local fitness center has a number of Qruzer spin bikes,
manufactured / distrubuted by IQ-Sport (or Q-Sport), formerly of Santa
Barbara CA. A few of these bikes are dead, and need repair parts.
Unfortunately, IQ-Sport is out of business, leaving no forwarding

Before I break out the measuring devices and try to find off the shelf
parts to fit (they use some real odd-ball bottom bracket cups), I was
hoping that I could find some information or parts. IQ-Sports web
site is still up, but all of the support servers and phone lines have
been disconnected.

Any help will be most appreciated

John D.

Soglasire January 6th 14 01:46 PM

Thank you*informed me.

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