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JMcD16 June 6th 13 07:31 PM

Can't get rid of the belly pouch!
Hi all,

I'm a 28 year old female. Over the past 6 months I have cleaned up my diet and busted my rear in the gym. I'm down to 19% body fat but I cannot get rid of the lower belly fat. I have almost no fat in the hip/thigh/butt areas - it's all concentrated in my lower belly like a dude! And no, there're no underlying hormone issues.

I weigh 130lbs and have weighed that for about 2 months. (I started 6 mos ago at 145 and 30% body fat). I eat about 1800 calories/day - about 70-90g of protein, beyond my morning fruit and whole grain oatmeal habit my carb calories are limited. I might have a serving of whole grain rice or low glycemic pasta at dinner once or twice a week at most.

I do Power Yoga 3 times a week (1-1.5 hours each) - and walk, jog, and/or weight train for a min of 1 hour 4 times a week.

Why can't I lose it?! Any tips or suggestions? I just want a flat stomach for once in my life. Even as a kid, that's always where any chub went.

Oh, and I'm not looking for "try this one weird trick" or "take this pill." I am looking for a sustainable life-style change and am not afraid to work hard to get it.

Martin125 September 20th 13 02:18 PM

You should do some high intensity cardio such as running, swimming, rope jumping, and cycling etc. in your routine workout.
Take natural fat burning foods i.e green tea, fish, olive oil, fish oil, and citrus fruits juices to burn all your belly fat.

To improve the fitness

thefitnesssuiteelland September 25th 13 12:19 PM

Have you considered hiring a personal trainer? They can set you realisitic goals for you to achieve and you will see these results fast! You may just need someone there to give you that little extra push as when your training on your own, it is easy to give in straight away. Hiring a personal trainer will give you the motivation you need! Have a look on this website; ; We are Yorkshires premiere personal training facility.
Good luck :)

deseron October 8th 13 10:30 AM

I would also suggest you try working on your core, deep abs. It might "suck" your belly in a bit. How tall are you btw?

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