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Richard Smith May 23rd 17 08:31 PM


If anyone's still around on this newsgroup, perhaps they can offer some

I'm thinking of doing the Fisherfield Five (or Six) next week and am
planning to take three days over it, wild camping two nights. A few
years ago I'd have probably done it as a long day from Shenavall Bothy,
but that's over 2100m of ascent and I don't think I'm currently fit
enough for that so I'd like to split the ascent over two or conceivably
even three days.

My constraints are that I need to start and finish at the same place so
I can leave my car there, and that the first day can't be too long as I
doubt I'll start before midday.

Obviously one option is to leave the car at Corrie Hallie, walk into
Shenavall and do the round conventionally, pitching my tent twice along
the route, maybe near Loch a'Bhrisidh (just after Beinn a'Chlaidheim)
the first night, and near Fuar Loch Mor (just after Ruadh Stac Mor) the
second. That involves carrying my tent the whole time; I don't mind
doing that, but would prefer to avoid it all the same.

So I was thinking about alternatives that involved walking in from
Poolewe or Kinloch Ewe and leaving my tent somewhere near the col
between A'Mhaighdean and Beinn Tarsuinn, and leaving it there while I do
the munros in two out-and-back walks. I'd almost certainly not do Beinn
a'Chlaidheim then as I'd have to climb over Mullach Coire Mhic
Fhearchair twice. Does anyone have experience of something like that?


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