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[email protected] July 15th 14 05:47 PM

Question: Daktronics Timer and CTS Horn Start
I know this is an old thread, but I am in a similar situation. Did you find a solution?

On Wednesday, March 6, 2002 7:32:15 PM UTC-6, Tim Baker wrote:
I appreciate the response. The Omega systems are arguably the best
you can buy. But, they are WAY beyond the budget of our small swim
club. We used the new DAK system for the first time on Sunday for an
Invitational meet and it worked flawlessly with the HS200 starter that
is on loan to us.

The DAK 6000 will accept NO or NC starters, but the Colorado Infinity
does not work with either setting. Its very mysterious.

Thanks Again,


On 4 Mar 2002 08:42:45 -0800, (Guy
Gibbons) wrote:

Dear Tim:

Not to start a debate however, if you really want the best quality
system made then you should consider Omega. The Omega StartTime has a
selectable NO/NC start output to work with all timing systems.


To answer your question I believe both the Dak and CTS systems use a
NO (normally open) contact to trigger the start.

Guy Gibbons

Tim Baker wrote in message . ..

A couple years ago we purchased a Colorado Infinity Starter. We had
full intentions of eventually buy a complete CTS timing system. But
when it came right down to it, the Daktronics Omnisport 6000 was the
better timing system for our club. W had a lot of good reasons, so I
would prefer this thread not turn into a CTS vs DAK debate.

We were told the CTS starter would trigger the DAK timer. However,
now it seems it does not. We may be forced to buy a new DAK HS200
starter or a rebuilt DAK HS100.

My question is this. I swear I have seen at a meet somewhere a CTS
Infinity connected to a DAK timer. Is there a way to make this work?
Or did I just dream this?

If not, anyone interested in purchasing a slightly used CTS Infinity
Start System?

Thanks in advance.


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