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Grokman Grokman July 22nd 15 02:08 PM

Running for Max Fat Burn
The fact that fat burn is maximized at a low heartrate does not mean
energy is minimized, or even that carbohydrate is minimized. In fact, at
the HRmaxfatburn, carbohydrate is NOT minimized, but rather burned in
approx a 50/50 ratio with fat, kcal-wise.

I need to read these thru again. But this point is one that this forum
has long held as a simple maxim:
Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame.

This is true, but is not really an EXERCISE issue as much as it is a nutritional issue, and more of an issue for the Atkins people. lol

What is surprising here, and somewhat demoralizingly so, is that even tho the theorem shows a distinct maximum in fat burning at relatively low HR, even at this maximum the absolute amounts of fat being burned are pretty low. For me, 7 grams fat per 1/2 hr jogging. jesus.

And it gets even worse:
High intensity exercise will burn massively more carbohydrate in a session, which, strictly speaking, amounts to weight loss, but is sort of silly to think of glycogen consumption as weight loss, given its immediate restoration.
The bad news is, body fat CANNOT be used to replenish this consumed glycogen!

So beware of any form of rapid weight loss, bec it is NOT fat, it is water, glycogen, and MUSCLE. Very few people can lose more than 1/2 lb of fat a week, even 1/4 lb requires discipline, effort.

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