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J.B. Wood January 23rd 18 12:43 PM

Brittle, Dried Out Plastic
Hello, all, and my question deals with plastic/rubber materials as used
on athletic shoes and growing brittle with age even with non-use. I
recently unboxed a NOS pair of Etonic running shoes that I purchased
about 15 years ago. After I ran in them a couple of times the plastic
sides and heel split about half way across exposing the inner foam
padding material. Could I have coated/soaked the outer material in
something to prevent or discourage this cracking/splitting? Or is the
material just too dried out to resurrect? (I've had similar issues with
aged/dried out adhesives but this is different.) Thanks for your time
and comment. Sincerely,
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J.B. Wood January 24th 18 12:50 PM

Brittle, Dried Out Plastic
On 01/23/2018 02:10 PM, Ed Prochak wrote:

Full disclosu I am not a plastics expert.

I expect that it is too late. AFAIK, there is nothing to restore the
flexibility back to the foam.


Hello, and thanks for your detailed reply but my OP wasn't about the
condition or restoration of the inner foam, only that the encasing
plastic had cracked/split and revealed the foam. The problem was with
the plastic on the outside of the shoe. Sincerely,

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J.B. Wood January 25th 18 12:34 PM

Brittle, Dried Out Plastic
On 01/24/2018 01:14 PM, Ed Prochak wrote:

Found this from 2004:
On Monday, July 5, 2004 at 10:56:56 AM UTC-4, Jonathan G Campbell wrote:
Anyone know where I'd buy Bison Liquid Sole in UK?

And a reply in the thread mentioned Shoe Goo.


Hello, and Shoe Goo is fantastic for re-attaching partially separated
heels and soles but I don't see it of any value in preventing the
cracked/split plastic problem with new running shoes put into storage
(cool, dry place etc) for many years. It's nice to buy many pairs of
your favorite shoe brand on sale or close-out but the lesson here may be
that NOS shoes won't necessarily be serviceable after a decade or more.
(Etonic was my favorite brand of shoe but they just couldn't compete
with New Balance, Brooks, Nike, Saucony and other brands.) Sincerely,

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