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DK February 21st 06 09:18 PM

Opinions on Lifecycle 5500 Exercise Bike?
I see a lot of used Lifecycle 5500 exercise bikes for sale at decent prices.

For you owners of this model, how well do you like this bike?

From what I understand, they aren't as quiet to ride as the newer
electro-magnetic resistance bikes, right? How loud are they?

How many years can you expect this bike to last? Many of the used ones for
sale are already 10 years old ... so I'm wondering if these machines are
well built enough to last another 10-20 years?

Any feedback on what you like and don't like about the Lifecycle 5500 would
be greatly appreciated!


Privete August 18th 13 09:25 AM

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coucouza December 27th 13 12:33 AM

nice post thanks :)

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