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Paul Rudin[_2_] July 20th 10 07:27 AM

Training week ending July 18 2010
John Hurley writes:

Greetings wreck runners! Please tell us about your training week and

Monday - 10km recovery
Tuesday - 16km at about 5:30/km pace with 10x100m fast.
Wednesday-Sunday dnr (quite a bit of biking, weights and swimming).

Obviously it's not part of my marathon training plan to have 5 days off
running, however I had a bit of a twinge in my left calf for a while
that didn't seem to be improving, and my legs were generally feeling
rather heavy and a little sore. So I decided that a bit of a break was a
good idea while there's still plenty of time left to the marathon.

I actually started out on a run on Wednesday, but I could feel that my
leg wasn't right, so turned round, went home and did 70km on the road
bike instead.

My calf if still not 100% (I ran yesterday), but better than it was. I'm
not sure whether to take yet more rest. I think I will probably try
running for a few more days and try and assess whether it's getting
better or worse as a I go. I'll try to do pretty much everything on
grass or the dreadmill as it's easier on the legs.

From the weekend I'm away on holiday for 10 days... so it may be tricky
sticking exactly to my training schedule, but I'll get as close as
possible (calf permitting).

13 weeks to go to the Amsterdam marathon.

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