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RW September 30th 18 10:20 AM

Evan Evans - Merlins 4.3%
I attended the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival on Saturday where I got a good number of ticks, 9 of which were new breweries. I also got a few ticks in some of the city centre pubs.

At the festival I got talking to Simon Buckley of Evan Evans and ended up having a long chat with him about the brewery, his beers, beer scooping and also how and why I rate all the beers I have out of 5.

I went through my beer list and showed him the Evan Evans beers that I have had over the years. One of them was Evan Evans - Merlins 4.3% which I had on 05/10/2017 but Simon Buckley told me that they had not brewed it for about 10 years!

I checked that particular beer into Untapped when I had it on 05/10/2017 and even uploaded a picture of the pumpclip which definitely says Evan Evans - Merlins 4.3%

All very strange..


Rob W

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