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mark cleary January 2nd 16 11:00 PM

Anyone here ever broke a hip?
I am long distance runner of 37 years and about 75000 lifetime miles. I also
ride a bike and that is my problem. Out riding exactly 26 day ago and hit an
ice patch. Land on hip and long story, short broke at hip top of femur. It
was not displaced and had surgery the next day 3 screws pinned. Dr said I
would be off work 6 weeks and he thought I had a good chance to recover.
Well I walked 3 hours after surgery went home the next day on my own power
no walker or anything. After 4 days I climbed on my indoor bike trainer and
have been fine with this. Riding about 75 minutes a day good cadence no
pain. I really did not take any paid meds after about 24 hrs post op. Doing
my own therapy the PT said I was way ahead since I already did many the same
exercises daily. I do have a bit of a limp and now my repaired leg is a bit
longer wearing a lift.

Went to the dr 3 weeks post op and he says I am going fine just do not push
through pain. Let me return to work and will see him in 6 weeks. I can walk
and have plenty of endurance of course but has anyone here had to deal with
anything similar. I am 54 years old and have in the past had 1 pelvic stress
fx 24 years ago just rested and got better. Right now I am just wonder about
running and being able to return, as well as just the slight limp as I need
to let things all heal.

Deacon Mark Cleary
Epiphany Roman Catholic Church

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