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J_F_Donnelly November 8th 07 04:19 PM

Iron Palm and Iron Vest Workshop: Earlybird Discount Ends Soon!
Greetings Friends,

This is our last workshop in our continuing education series for 2007
and it's going to be dynamite (see full info below)! Good iron body
training is rare and hard to find and is often reserved as special
training, accessible only by advanced students of kungfu. Iron palm is
designed to safely increase the density of the bones in your hands so
that your strikes become devastating. Iron vest is designed to toughen
your torso, allowing you to take blows that would previously drop you
like a rock. This program is "system and style agnostic" and will work
with everything from all styles of the Chinese martial arts, to the
Japanese and Korean arts, to boxing and beyond. Don't miss this rare
opportunity to amp up anything you do. Looking forward to seeing
everyone there!

Sincerely yours,

Jim Donnelly
American Society of Internal Arts

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Instructor: Shifu Dale Dugas
Date: November 17 - 18, 2007
Starting time: 9:00 AM Saturday / 9:00 AM Sunday
Location: Internal Gardens School of Classical Taijiquan in Northern
For directions to workshop, visit:
To register online, visit:

For more info call 973-202-9409

Iron body training, which consists of iron palm training and iron vest
training (sometimes called golden bell training), is an ancient
practice of Chinese martial arts masters, developed to increase the
body's ability to withstand physical trauma and give the hands and
fists the ability to deliver devastating blows. The training takes
advantage of the human body's response to specialized conditioning
work designed to make the bones harder and the flesh more resilient.
There are both internal and external versions of this training, right
ways and wrong ways of performing the gong. Performed incorrectly,
this training can cause longterm permanent damage to hands and body.
Performed correctly, it will transform you into an iron body martial
artist, strengthening your body without damaging it and increasing
your striking power.

In this workshop, Shifu Dale Dugas of Coiling Dragon Internal Arts
will teach you everything you need to know to become a stone warrior.
You will learn the proper way to perform several different methods of
both internal and external iron palm and body training. The weekend
will break down as follows, with Saturday focused on iron palm and
forearms training, proper usage of dit da jow, etc., and Sunday you
will learn a "24 exercise" qigong system for strengthening fascia,
together with techniques for strengthening the rib cage.

Join Shifu Dale Dugas as you learn the training techniques that will
give you a body of iron and fists of steel in a SAFE and SANE manner
that will allow you to retain your flexibility, dexterity and skin
like a baby's bottom. DVD's will be available for sale after the
workshop, covering everything you'll learn in the workshop.The
registration price INCLUDES an 8 oz bottle of custom "dit da jow"
liniment for each person, a $25 value!

Early-bird pre-registration to 11/10/07

Late pre-registration (11/11/07 - 11/16/07)

Walk-in registration

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