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Default Natural rehabilitation

"Taka" wrote in message
... movnat parkour in the woods, on
the beach....

To the extent that the above is a come-on for this method, you gotta be
kidding. Most professional athletes couldn't/wouldn't do this stuff.
To even *contemplate* this method as illustrated above, you better already
be rehabilitated AND in peak condition AND with the proclivity for this type
of exertion, otherwise you will indeed be in dire need of rehabilitation and
PT. one of the demos of the movnat

This is more practical, but not THAT much more practical or more functional
than picking up a weight off the floor and getting it over your head -- or
running a cupla miles. Yeah, of course, more "jungle-jim-ey", which is
always good, but really, just who's gonna do dat stuff except for the
wannabe Parkour crowd??

Hey, iffin you want neuromuscular, find a railroad, and try walking a mile
on one rail.... LOL

What's really missing from all this is a structured gradation, for people to
be able to GET to these levels.
If carrying dumbbells around an obstacle course is the goal, of course
gradation is built in, and that's fine -- altho I could think of many MUCH
more useful things to do than walking around with effing dumbbells, obstacle
course or not.

But hoisting yer bodyweight up 10 feet in the air is a kind of go-no-go
situration. How do you build up to that??

In my mind, all in all, movnat is a kind of a jerk-off session for people
who can *already do this kind of stuff* -- which pretty much requires a BMI
of, oh, around 10.

All great stuff, if you can do it, but mostly good for a few more practical
ideas, and UTTERLY impractical for the average joe.

Proly the most useful functional *practical* moves for 99% of the population
is being able to lift a heavy-ish weight from the floor to overhead (bales
of hay??) -- without throwing out yer back -- sprinting/jogging, hanging,
deep-ish kneebends, and learning how to fall/roll. Mebbe a cupla others.
And all of this has gradation built right in, altho some apparatus can
help -- gee, like what Moi builds?? You don't say.... LOL

Ito *actual rehab* and intelligently exploiting biomechanics for rehab
purposes (in the most general sense of rehab, ie of gradual self-improvement
wrt to strength, endurance, ROM), the story can get quite detailed, but not
off-the-wall (literally) like this movenat stuff.

movnat seems more like P90X or Shaun T's Insanity, done on a mountain top
or 20 feet off the ground in a tree.
In fact, Shaun T's Insanity is biomechanically pretty sound, pretty good
stuff -- IF you are self-obsessed/narcissistic enough to put yourself
through alladat.

The only person I personally know of who is amenable to that type stuff is
Stevie Friedes. Gohde certainly meets the self-obsessed/narcissistic
criteria, but I suspect his BMI is somewhere around 35. OR he's too
crankily anorexic to do much of anything except tend to his website.....

And of course, the REAL mind**** to all this is the implicit marketing
innuendo, that if YOU do movnat, you will look like these guys.
Yeah, right.
A 5'8" 250# guy wouldn't/couldn't even know where to *begin* in movnat,
precisely because there is no graduated structure.

Sorta like Yoger. You don't get skinny doing yoger. Skinny underfed people
in the East did Yoger, cuz that's all they could manage. They were too fukn
hungry to run marathons'n'lift weights'n'****....

But WE, westernized assholes, once again misconstrue correlation with
causality, and think that if WE do yoger, WE will get skinny, too.
Much like the misconstrued correlation/causality of cholesterol with CVD --
proly one of the great medical/statistical conjobs/mind****s of the 20th
century, foisted upon a Pubic that is unaware of the true etiology of

Yoger is also a lot like Starbucks:
Part of the payoff to doing yoger is running around with that silly
rolled up mat draped across yer back, so the whole fukn world knows yer doin
Yoger. Just like walking around with the Starbucks-labeled coffee cup....
I mean, latte cup.....

Movnat is like Starbucks, with about 4,000 mg of caffeine in it.