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On 23/12/2016 21:30, Graham Seed wrote:
If nobody answers this then I'll turn off the lights. I see there have
been various recent bits of spam and an attempted troll by Angus, but
very little else. Seasons Greetings to anyone lurking, I hope you manage
a decent walk over Christmas.


Merry Xmas all, and best wishes for the new year.

Well I got in a short walk before Xmas dinner, almost 2 miles of it on
an almost flat pavement.

I have done a few more walks this year than the previous two but
exhaustion sets in almost as soon as I start so I have not managed more
than 10 miles or 2500 feet of ascent on any one day this year and some
times considerably less. Having at long last completed the Birketts
there is even less of an imperative to go hill walking.

Not even much of a lurker either since I only look in about every three
months. Shame but I think our time has effectively ended.

Roger Chapman