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On Jul 2, 11:51 pm, "Spammers_Should_Be_Shot"
OK, you're not familiar with MM's postings.

You are right. And I do not label a person's posting based on his
character or his history of other postings alone. In other words, I
evaluate the content of the posting, not the character of the person.

A quick review: on June 26-28 he started the same "spam" thread
(with link to his blog) 6 times to 6 different newsgroups.

__Those__ postings could merit the label "spam". I don't know since,
as you say, I'm not familiar with them. But I will say that merely
including a link to a web page and even encouraging the reader to
visit that web page does not necessarily make something "spam", IMHO.
It depends on the context. (See below.)

(Many people who have web sites include a link to their web site as
part of the signature. It is merely SOP. I see no harm in that per

That concludes his postings, so would you consider his pattern to be that of
a spammer or not?

No, at least not based on what you have said so far. I urge you to do
a google search on "define: spam" (without quotes). You will see that
the key elements of "spam" a indiscriminate, unsolicited,
irrelevant, inappropriate, and/or a mass mailing.

Some good examples: 98% of the initial threads in misc.taxes posted
by tax evaders; and the specious "thanks" postings in
newsgroups recently, which have nothing more than the word
"thanks" (often in __response__ to an inquiry -- klunk!) and the link
to a web site.

If you interpret MM's typical responses as merely come-ons with the
__primary__ purpose of encouraging (or worse, tricking) the reader to
visit his web page, I would agree that that would be "spam". But that
is not how I interpret his original response in __this__ thread.
"Reasonable people can disagree reasonably."

As far as how I responded to his posts, I was attempting to "troll" but as
I've never done it before my trolling skills are lacking. Maybe I shoulda
just pulled a Bob and screamed obscenities and told him to FOAD?

I guess your parents never taught you that "two wrongs don't make a

This is all I will say on the subject. I am an ethics preacher, and I
am not your momma. I think your heart might be in the right place,
and usually your methods are reasonable as well. This is an
aberration. Don't bother making up excuses for it. Make you "mea
culpla", if you wish. In any case, just move on!