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Default (how much exercise is advisable to do a week to lose weight)

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Yeah, diets only really work out if you plan to STAY on those diets
for the rest of your life.

While you're on a diet, you might get some results, but if you go back
to eating unhealthily after a few weeks or months of the diet, then
you'll gain your weight back eventually. It's usually quite hard for
someone to change their whole diet and stick to it.

On the other hand, if you make a resolution to say, not drink soft
drinks for the rest of your life, and you stick to it, then over time
that change in your diet will eventually mean a lot less sugar
consumed=less calories=less weight.

Doing some light exercise 4/5 times a week sounds great, but can you
stick to it? If you overwork yourself, then one day you might decide
that you want to stop exercising for a while and take a rest. The key
is to make the exercise REGULAR. If you only exercise two times a
week, but you can keep doing that indefinitely, then that would be
infinitely better than exercising 4/5 times a week for a month and

So if you can exercise 4/5 times a week and keep it up (and provided
you're not straining, overexerting, and injuring yourself), then that
would help for sure. Otherwise, you'd be better off sticking to
something you can do permanently.

Also, it helps if you split up your exercise into two sessions instead
of one. I'm a little lazy to explain this again, so just read the post
I put up on my blog he

So if I split up my routine into 8 sessions I'll burn way calories? How
about splitting it into 12 sessions? That's got to be even better
right?!?!?- Hide quoted text -

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Errr no. Okay let me explain.

When you exercise, you stimulate your body's metabolism. For a few
hours after you exercise your body has an increased metabolism. If you
only work out once a day, you'll only get that increased metabolism
rate for a few hours. So what I recommend is that you split your
workouts into one morning session and one evening session, so that
you'll be able to use that increased metabolism effect two times a

I never said that you should do 8-12 workouts a day. I think I'd
collapse by the fourth workout 0_o.