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Default (how much exercise is advisable to do a week to lose weight)

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On Jul 2, 2:47 am, "Spammers_Should_Be_Shot"
"MuscleMan2885" wrote in message
When you exercise, you stimulate your body's metabolism. For a few
hours after you exercise your body has an increased metabolism.
[....] So what I recommend is that you split your workouts into one
morning session and one evening session, so that you'll be able to
use that increased metabolism effect two times a day.

OK, but let's say you worked out every 3 hours (8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm,
8pm, 11pm) then that's got to be better right?

Not necessarily. You continue to commit the fallacy of exaggeration.
Just because something is good __in_moderation__, that does not mean
it is good in the extreme. Conversely, just because something is not
good in the extreme, that does not mean it is not good in moderation.

I am neither subscribing to nor debunking "MuscleMan's" assertion.
But your comments are unreasonable, IMHO, which seems very
uncharacteristic of you. I wonder if someone has hijacked your login
and is trying to discredit you by posting absurd comments ;-).

Damn, I only got involved in this thread because MuscleMan spammed his blog.
Just thought I'd have a little fun with him (and to see if he could explain
any exercise related topic other than just copy-pasting some article onto
his blog).