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Default (how much exercise is advisable to do a week to lose weight)

"joeu2004" wrote in message
On Jul 2, 1:34 pm, "Spammers_Should_Be_Shot"
Damn, I only got involved in this thread because MuscleMan spammed his

Just thought I'd have a little fun with him (and to see if he could

any exercise related topic other than just copy-pasting some article

his blog).

I disagree with your use of the term "spam" in this case. IMHO,
"spam" is a posting that has no other purpose than to advertise (or
troll). In this case, "MuscleMan" responded to an inquiry with an
opinion that addressed the OP. It does not surprise me that many
responders are trainers and wannabees who have web sites of their
own. It is not unreasonable for them to refer people to their web
site, IMHO.

If you wanted to challenge MM's understanding or debunk his theory,
you could have done so with reasonable rebuttal. Your thoughtless
taunts and exaggerations merely make __you__ sound like someone who
does not know what you're talking about, IMHO.

OK, you're not familiar with MM's postings. A quick review: on June 26-28
he started the same "spam" thread (with link to his blog) 6 times to 6
different newsgroups. Since then, he's posted to this thread (originally
with his blog link - thankfully that's since be removed) and one other post
to a different thread (also of course with his blog linked). So yeah, at
this point his ratio of spam to non-spam is pretty damn poor. Depending
upon how you want to classify his later posts it's either 6:2 or 8:0

If you wanted to look further, you could also consider that in the last week
since setting up his blog, he's posted 10 times on Yahoo Answers (using the
name DaMan2885), all 10 of his posts want people to go to his blog.

That concludes his postings, so would you consider his pattern to be that of
a spammer or not?

As far as how I responded to his posts, I was attempting to "troll" but as
I've never done it before my trolling skills are lacking. Maybe I shoulda
just pulled a Bob and screamed obscenities and told him to FOAD?