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Default Ironman Timex GPS Watch

Hi... I'm selling mine (I'm in the UK)

Even though it works superbly well I find the wearing the GPS unit on my arm
or waist a little uncomfortable. I did a 4 Miler & a 8 Mile run and kept
having to adjust the thing. I know many people don't have a problem with it
but it's just not for me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't try before I bought it and it's okay for a mile or
so but it just got too irritating for me. Anyway, I decided to sell now as
new rather than wait! Only bought it last Wednesday!

It's currently on ebay: 356



"VITOdelapata" wrote in message
Has anyone used the Ironman Triathalon GPS watch model 3501? It gives
you distance, time and speed. Just curious about quality and limitations.
Wal-Mart has them at a reasonable price.