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Al, your abs can be built better by crunches. Sit-up are ok but Ive
always gotten alot of lower back pain. When you crunch you only lift
your head/shoulder up. It is a very short movement but should be done
slowly and squeeze your abs on the way up. Try to do 4 sets and as many
as you can each time. I do 1000 crunches 3-5 days a week for my
contests. You dont need that many but at least try get to 4 sets of 100
5-7 times a week. The BIGGER problem will be your diet. If your not
eating very strictly you will never see your abs once they start to get
bigger. People always ask how to get good abs I always tell them diet.
They dont want to beleive this but thats the way the body stores fat is
around the midsection. It covers the abs and you will never see them
until you drop your BF% to 15% or less.

Tony Kehl
Developing Fitness Programs for Individuals