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On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 23:21:08 GMT, Blair P. Houghton wrote:

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 06:00:57 GMT, Blair P. Houghton wrote:

Titan1969 wrote:

Tony! How you doin', mang?

Al, your abs can be built better by crunches. Sit-up are ok but Ive
always gotten alot of lower back pain. When you crunch you only lift
your head/shoulder up.

Most people don't know that situps target your hip-flexors
rather than your abs.

Only if you 'fix' your feet, otherwise it's all abdom!!

Um, your abs don't make your thighs flex towards your
chest, they make your pelvis tilt towards your sternum.

I don't disagree with that Blair.

If you're bringing head to knees without a crunching
*motion*, then you're executing the situp with an isometric
tension in the abdominal muscles. Which is a sort of an
abdominal exercise, just not the sort most people think
it is.

You were talking about "situps" (sic) which are crunches viz:

And there is nothing "isometric" about them as the muscle is
shortening against resistance in concentric phase, and lengthening in
the eccentric phase.

The reverse crunch is self-explanatory.

Ugh! It's Monday!! ;o(

No, it's Tuesday. I know that because yesterday and
tomorrow are both spin-class days and Tuesday is 8x8 day,
these days.

It was Monday when I wrote the above, trust me - I know these things!!