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Mark Manning
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Jell wrote:
It turns out that one of the new walkers habitually goes about barefoot,
and would like to do that on the mountains.

A friend of mine had a similar experience on an outdoors week (for
want of a better name), when leading a walk with a party containing a
habitual barefooter. He got the barefooter to carry some walking boots
in his bag, so that they were available if he got into difficulties.

Needless to say the barefooter got into no difficulties at all, and
caused incredulity to walkers outwith the party by happily tackling
Striding Edge! As my favourite footwear is no footwear at all, I wish I
could go barefoot in the hills myself, but apart from short bimbles on
grass, I don't find it practicable.

Mark Manning