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On 12/03/2016 01:35, Syke wrote:
I have a pair of Trezeta trail shoes (NEWTRAIL) which are now past it
but have given very good service, but like many things today,
replacement is not so simple. Several articles I have read recently
suggest that brands which in the past, like these, have been made in
Italy, are now being made in China, Vietnam etc. and there has been a
commensurate decline in quality Sure enough, when I enquired, Trezeta
informed me that the shoes are now made in China.

My question is, does anyone know of trail shoes which are still made in

Regards and thanks in advance


A very quick Google search shows several brands made in Europe. I've
never heard of any of them though, so can't offer any advice on how good
they are.

Peter is right - don't assume that being made in China implies poor
quality. Chinese factories usually produce low quality products for the
domestic market and much higher quality stuff for export (with strict
quality control). I suggest that you buy from Taobao: it's a huge
Chinese online shopping website. It's in Chinese, so you'd need to use
an agent (assuming that you can't read Chinese (-: )

Agents charge a very small fee and they get you a good deal. They check
out all the comments on the seller and the product. You can return the
shoes and get a replacement or refund if they aren't right for whatever
reason. Online shopping in China is much better than anything offered
in the UK (I often get same day delivery for things that I order in the

I've never had any problems with quality. Some of the counterfeit
products are very good buys too, for clothes and shoes.