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Default The Centurion Way

On 01/06/2016 18:38, Graham Seed wrote:
On 01/06/2016 4:55 PM, Gordon H wrote:
Be aware that Bob will be 13 years older now, if he's still around.

Just looked back at 2001 and randomly looked at a Foot and Mouth thread
- brought memories back! Think I'll start it up again :-)


I remember those years, restricted paths in the Yorkshire Dales...

20 plus years ago I took my wife for a drive from East Mancs up to the
Snake pass, but it started raining, then it turned to snow, then it
became a white-out and I decided that we would not pass the summit, and
pulled over to stare into the white void. A Park Warden landrover was
parked a few yards away, and he fought through the blizzard and
anxiously warned us against walking over the moors due the incidence of
Foot & Mouth.
I reassured him that we had no such intention.


Gordon H

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