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Default treadmill + elliptical or rowing machine???

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On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 11:27:50 -0500, "Steve Freides"


I don't like to 'knock aerobic exercise', either, and once I started
strength training a few years ago I still kept up a fair amount of

swimming, and bicycling. But within the last year or two I've discovered
combined strength/endurance training and that seems to work both for me.

still weight lift, I do strength/endurance training with kettlebells (my
site has more info), and I only rarely swim, bike, or run - generally a

a week swim of 400-800 yards, a run once every few weeks, and bike ride

every few weeks, this in contrast to my former schedule that includes
4-5x/week running and 2-3x/week biking and swimming.

You'd think that getting rid of the aerobic exercise would, at the very
least, cause my resting pulse to rise but it hasn't - it's still in the
mid-40's. I figure that keeping my resting pulse at or below my age is

enough for me. Resting pulse is one of the classic indicators of aerobic

Steve "48 years young" Freides

Well, Steve, your strength/endurance program is far advanced from my
weight lifting. I'm almost age 74 and I need the aerobic exercise -- to

my body moving. I just do fast walking because I discovered trying to run
caused me some leg/ankle injuries which I don't need. My doc recommends
30 minutes of fast walking per day for blood pressure. I have to balance
not pushing myself beyond what my body will tolerate and still getting
necessary exercise. Weight lifting has been immensely valuable to me --
helps bone density, strength, and all that good stuf one loses in aging.
But the walking seems to me absolutely a necessity also. So I go for
daily brisk 30-45 minute walks, as I can't tolerate that amount of time on
a treadmill. There really is no downside to brisk walking.

I agree there's no real downside to brisk walking - I think it's very good
for you and enjoy a nice walk myself as often as I can. I'm fortunate to
live near the downtown area of a small (25,000 people or so) town and try to
walk or bike whenever I can to the bank, the grocery store, the YMCA, the
post office, etc.

You might enjoy hearing about the person known as "Andy70" on the DragonDoor
discussion site. He's 70 years old, has been setting all sorts of age-group
records for the last few years, and I'm proud to say he authored part of
this article on my site:

I have a feeling you're capable of more than you're now doing. I'm not
trying to be pushy but you might want to poke around my site and the
DragonDoor site and pickup "Power To The People!" for yourself and/or invest
in a small kettlebell. I've been teaching all ages and sizes and have yet
to find someone who can't do it.