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Default treadmill + elliptical or rowing machine???

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I currently have a treadmill. I'm debating between getting an

or a rowing machine for variety and to go easy on my joints. Any

It's easiest to do nothing at all.

If you learn how to take care of your joints and how to exercise with

technique, you can use any of these machines safely and with good

If you learn how to strength train as a separate item from aerobic

you will likely benefit in many ways. I see so many people with big

spending an hour a day on a treadmill, bicycle, or elliptical trainer -

training does not seem to help them.


I would never knock aerobic exercise, but weight training reduced
fat and flab for me rather remarkably. I think a combo of some type
of aerobic exercise (but not necessarily an hour a day) and weight
training works best. The aerobic exercise benefits the heart and
that is the chief reason to do it. Do some weight training, with the
compound exercises, on a regular basis and you will see results.
If fat remains, then fewer calories is the only remaining answer.

I think Rita's advice is best - stay with your treadmill and add strength
training - that will give you huge benefits for weight loss, boost
metabolism - add valuable muscle