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Default Scottish Outdoor Access Code

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The version of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code published today

the final stage of the process to enshrine the right of access to almost

land in Scotland. This is considerably better than having these rights
restricted to narrow rights of way which, in a Scottish context are


Duncan, I've read your post since posting my own reply (the negative one!)
can you explain what the original problem was that required the Access
Code in the first place? I was under the impression that, under the Law,
access was freely available? The problems I've encountered have all been
about vehicle access which I've just accepted as I can (semi) understand
that point. But I've not had anyone say, "You can't go there". I'm not
referring to the foot-and-mouth situation as that was unique. The code is
not published yet, so what problems can be expected right now in Scotland
regarding access? A genuine question as I'm not sure I've got the facts of
this debate.

I'm afraid that existing Law die NOT make access freely available - this has
been argued about for years and was never resolved even during the creation
of the Act. It's currently far too easy for landowners / managers to
restrict access when it suited them. This Act will create access rights in
Scotland which will be amongst the best in Europe. It goes without saying
that this change would never have been possible without devolution. Can you
imagine the House of the Dead (sorry Lords) letting this one through?