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Default So what are the new stagger rules?

Bill Reese wrote:
Tom Henderson wrote in message ...

Heard lots of references to Nina Kraft not understanding them, resulting in
her 3 min penalty. What exactly are these rules?


Not a new rule. The stagger rule only applies to the Pros.
Perhaps Charlie or someone else knowledgable will
answer in full


The stagger rule is pretty simple. If the cyclist in front of you is on
the right, you must be on the left side of the road and the cyclist
behind you would be on the right, etc. It doesn't matter if you're 50
yards behind the next guy, he still dictates your position on the road.
In theory an official should be able to see a clear path between 2
lines of cyclists. The screwy part about the stagger rule is if the
lead cyclist decides for no reason he want to switch sides, the entire
rest of the field within sight has to switch over. When a pass occurs,
(which can happen on the left or right) those 2 riders must adjust