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Default Age Groups and Series Races

"Larry Gray" wrote in

I'm a little confused over what age to list when participating in
series of races. According to USAT you are to race in the age group
you are the day of the race. But, when I signed up for a race series
(7 races, the last one in September), the series rules said to sign up
at the age you are as of the last race. Is this correct? I'm now 44,
with my birthday in August, so I will be in the 45 to 49 age group
before the last race. In what age group will I be listed in the USAT


If I remember correctly, you'll be ranked in the 45-49 AG anyway, because
USAT ranks according to the age you are on the last day of the ranking
year. So even if the race had put you in the 40-44 AG for the 1st few
races, USAT would rank you in 45-49.