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Default Curvelinear correlations between total testosterone levels and fluidintelligence in men and women.

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Curvelinear correlations between total testosterone levels and fluid
intelligence in men and women.

Tan U, Tan M.

Department of Physiology, Medical Faculty, Ataturk University, Erzurum,

The relationship between serum total testosterone (T) level and fluid
intelligence (Cattell's Culture Fair Intelligence Test) was studied in young
men and women. There was no significant difference between IQs of men and
women. IQ tended to increase with T in men, except at very high T levels. It
was concluded that (i) T may be associated with IQ, even in samples with no
sex-related IQ difference; (ii) too low or too high T may be disadvantageous
for fluid intelligence in women; (iii) T may be advantageous for this kind
of IQ in men, except very high T levels.

what is fluid intelligence?

Do you yahoo? I found this in 5 seconds.

why does T have an effect on it?

Why as in what purpose does it serve?
Why as in what's the mechanism?