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meirman wrote:
On tv over the last year, whenever anyone does push-ups or sit-ups,
they do wimpy ones. They don't lower their chest or their back,
respectively, to the floor. This makes them much easier to do.

Don't pay attention to the TV, unless it's a certified fitness instructor on
TV or you have a fitness DVD on.

Is tv promoting wimpism, or has there been a determination that the
old, difficult methods can cause harm?

Who cares? Just do the correct exercises.
Should I continue to do my exercises the way I was taught in JHS?

Of course. Pushups have to be all the way to the ground and up, straight
back, and slow reps to get the proper contraction. Situps are more
complicated as they're really ab exercises and there are a variety of leg
positions you could take with this. Refer to Pilates.

I'm getting back in shape. I've lost 51 pounds (and maybe 8 inches
off my waist) and it's time I started exercising (beyond walking and
some physical work).

Great work.