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Roy Schestowitz
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meirman wrote:

On tv over the last year, whenever anyone does push-ups or sit-ups,
they do wimpy ones. They don't lower their chest or their back,
respectively, to the floor. This makes them much easier to do.

Yes. There are certain types of motion that are harmful to the back. In the
long run, this can cause serious aches. If you find it easy, do it more
slowly. A common mistake is doing it as quickly as possible rather than 3-5
seconds per repetition. You can also add weight resistance.

Remember: your body _feels_, it does not _count_.

Is tv promoting wimpism, or has there been a determination that the
old, difficult methods can cause harm?

I'm pretty sure that's the case.

I'm getting back in shape. I've lost 51 pounds (and maybe 8 inches
off my waist) and it's time I started exercising (beyond walking and
some physical work).

Well done!

Roy Schestowitz