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On 8 May 2005 11:38:14 -0700, "oling" wrote:

I am preparing for my first Marathon this summer and currently run like
60-70 km/week.
My toes next to the big toes (hallux) are actually longer than the big
toes and cause me problems. When running they become sore and inflamed
due to the constant pushing against the shoes. This especially is a
problem on the long runs. The nails usually fall off immediately as
they start to grow. I am using Asics Nimbus, which are supposed to be
very good, and I tried to have them excess in size. However, this is
still a problem and might affect my plans.
Have you any ideas or heard of similar problems before?

try a better fitting shoe (maybe longer). try a different
lacing technique so your foot is more anchored in the shoe.
i put bandaids over the ends of the toes with problems.
helps a lot.