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Default "How did we get so FAT?

Well, at least we're consistent:
Since we consume more kilowatt-hours of energy, more trees, and
more Calvin Klein jeans than most of the world combined, it's fitting g
that we EAT more than the rest of the world combined.
Except for liquor and ciggies: The Russians have us beat, and JR
Reynolds/Philipp Morris are trying to crack the China connection for their
exported butts.
Iffin you cain't killem, whack them with the goodol American
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How did we get so FAT
In "Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World," Greg
Critser takes a surprisingly funny look at a deadly serious topic. The

epidemic" has claimed 60 percent of the American population, he says, and
shows little sign of slowing down.