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Alric Knebel
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Default Poor, poor Bill Davidson!


You can respond now. We all know you didn't post because if you did
we'd all know what a loser you were sitting there getting ****faced,
smoking crack, waiting for ME on a friday night, instead of seeking
love. It took everything you had to resist too. I bet you chewed your
nails clean off.

I didn't bother reading all your sputtering rant because it was
tediously puerile, but the time of your posting says it all. This post
says it all (4:48 AM), and is typical of your posting time, meaning you
were up throughout the night, probably due to your work schedule.
Here's how my night went.

I visited my brother and his wife until about 10:00. After this nice
bit of palaver, I left to visit my son and grandson. We chatted for
about a half hour. I left, and on the way home, I called my woman and
asked if she'd eaten. No, she said, so on the drive home, I phoned
Dominos and ordered two ten-piece buffalo wings, after which I swing by
and pick them up en route. I got home, we sat in front of the
television and watched PSYCHIC (first time I'd seen it; it was funny in
a goofy way), ate chicken wings, then sat back and watched TV until we
went to sleep. I slept contentedly, snuggled up. YOU -- and this
newsgroup -- were the furthest thing from my mind

But I see YOU were posting even earlier than this post. While I slept
cuddled to a warm human being (with tits), there you were, poor lonely
you, early in the morning (and late at night), snarling at one human
being after another, namecalling or some other bull****, little old
lonely you, just you and your pecker. No wonder you're so angry. Your
routine never changes. If I said "poor you," I'd be insincere. But you
deserve to be staring down at your own pecker like a Buddhist at his own

Now, you can hop up and down all you want -- "Look at me! Look at me!"
-- but you're a loser, and I'm completely convinced of this. You'll try
to offset my assurance with more comically obvious bragging. The plain
truth is, your sun rises and sets on this newsgroup.

Alric Knebel