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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

On 2008-03-05, Andrzej Rosa wrote:
Dnia 2008-03-05 Elflord napisał(a):
On 2008-03-05, Andrzej Rosa wrote:
Dnia 2008-03-04 Elflord napisał(a):

Weight training for endurance athletes is largely about neuromuscular efficiency.

This sounds as much a nonsense as anything I read today, but maybe I'm
the stupid one here, so could you elaborate?

Take a look at this:

They don't know if running economy changed. They suspect it (which
seems crazy, actually).

In the abstract, they say:

"The 5K time, RE, and VMART improved (P 0.05) in E, but no changes were observed
in C."

The idea is that it's possible to make gains from strength training without

That's obvious, but the whole line of thought seems vary crazy to me.
It's like those supplements they sell, where they show that it is used
somewhere during building muscles, so if you take it you get bigger
muscles. Equally far fetched reasoning.

I'm not going to try to argue that it's intuitive (-; It's quite surprising
that strength training would be of much use to endurance athletes, given the
variables of interest (economy, LT, VO2 max)

Pace for an all-out endurance run consists of two factors -- how fast you can move
oxygen around (VO2), and how much distance you can cover per unit oxygen (running
economy). Strength training has been shown to improve the latter in trained endurance
athletes, but not the former.

I found this stuff.

Does it summarize current knowledge well enough, or something new popped

I can't speak for the global pool of current knowledge, but it looks consistent with
what I've read on the subject.

As for now, I simply can't believe it. Literally. But I may be wrong.

Sure, it's counter-intuitive.