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Default How often should i do pushups and squats?


Hello. How often should I do pushups and squats? I'm a thin guy; I
don't intend to lose weight. I don't want to use equipment, I need
calisthenic exercises I can do anywhere. I want to do them to ward
against stiffness, and also to keep a toned body without getting
bulked up. Should I do them: twice a day, once a day, every other

I also intend to the do bicycle crunches. How often should I do


You can do bodyweight exercises every day if you like. The reason is
that after you get strong enough to do ten to twenty repetitions
you're primarily training endurance rather than strength. Strength
training generally requires more recovery time than endurance

There are ways to make pushups and squats more challenging, but that
doesn't sound like what you're interested in.

Jim Janney