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Bill Ridgeway
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I posted here recently asking advice about getting a Sat Nav which would
enable me to get to out of the way car parks (which don't have a PostCode or
even a known road name) for bird watching and rambles. Thanks for all your
responses. I have eventually bought a Garmin Nuvi 205. It covers my main
concern and seems to do everything I want - although I haven't yet taken it
for a road run.

The only (small) niggle I can find with it is that the database is split by
Country (England, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales). This shouldn't be
too much of a problem (overcome by two presses) to change the country of
destination. It could, however, be irksome if you live near, say, the
England Wales border or you're not sure which side of the border the small
village of your destination lies. It could, also, possibly be a problem if
a PostCode (SYnn) straddles the border.

Bill Ridgeway