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Default Military GPS jamming will affect walkers in mid Wales

Chris Gilbert wrote:

Just for your info, those who walk in mid Wales.

Thanks Jhimmy. It'll be midweek and only during the day time, and it's
hardly the most popular area of Wales, so it won't affect many people, If
they're right about the 5km distance then it shouldn't affect anyone in the
Beacons, but you never know. Can they really jam that locally?

Other then the article, I know nowt about the area ;-)

Good walking with easy paths over the Eppynt.

But that's where the training range is!

Map hardly
necessary let alone GPS. The remainder is very difficult to get
into high bog/moorland with few paths. Near featureless tussock
grass hell and not for the feinthearted. Probably ideal GPS
territory, ironically :-D

Probably that's why they chose it for a training area.