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Default Training Week Ending 10/16/2011

Steve Freides wrote:
Everyone, here's your chance to tell us the walk you walk - post your
training goals and your workouts for the past week.


Notes: exhausting weekend prior to this week, got sick at the end of it.

Mon: walk, qigong, 20/20: see-saw mil press, 10 each side, 20 total, 20:
windmill, 4

Tue walk 2 mi, 16: getup, 2 alternating singles, FSQ: 95 x 3, 24: mil
press, 4, 4, DL: 225 x 5, WHEEL: 4th step, standing, 2

Wed: 16: getup, 1, 24: getup, 1, 24: windmill, 3, 24/24: swing, 11

Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun - no lifting, have a flu that's been going around my
family, also a "now that it's all over it's OK to get sick" sort of time
for me, too. Several days of 12 hours sleep overnight plus a nap.