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hey Chris,
I don't have a physical therapist. I've had a few over the years and I think most can't see past the chair or past the 45 minutes that I spend at their facility. The one I had most recently in my town was no different, even after I showed him I could walk. I would think that should motivate a therapist. I've sadly found that many in that industry are like most of us, just trying to make it until 5. I asked him if he thought I could try sitting on a exercise ball, he said no it was too dangerous. I bought one at walmart and my wife helped me, I can do it. And much more. I know there are some good therapists but I don't think that's the most effective plan for me.

In a power chair. Can exercise arms and legs while in chair and I want to exercise and push all of my potential. But where should I start, what do I need to get a handle on that will benefit and support all other functions and movements? And what are some simple yet effective exercises that will produce change and results? Basically, if one was to start from scratch what would be the first building block? Thank you guys.