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Default sudden return of plantar fasciitis

Well, it's been nearly a month since the onset of the fasciitis. I
still haven't tried extended walking as an activity because I still feel
a touch of pain, sometimes with just normal walking and sometimes during
or just after I've lifted something heavy. I initially tried the
stretches suggested here, but I found that, aside from the pulling the
toes back stretch, that the one you do on a step just aggravated the
pain so I stopped it for now. I guess the good news in all of this was
that I still managed to lose the weight I needed to, basically through
diet alone, and in fact my weight is now about 3 lbs less than my
initial goal, so quite satisfied there. I do have two questions though:

1) Would the fasciitis take this long or longer to heal completely?

2) Someone had mentioned a possible bone fracture in addition to or
instead of the fasciitis. Since it's taking longer to completely heal
than I suspected, is the fracture a possibility?