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Default sudden return of plantar fasciitis

Another update today. On a whim and sort of out of desperation, I
revisited the local Walmart footcare isle as I had noticed a variety of
cheap inserts there in the past. I decided to simply purchase any that
said they were for "plantar fasciitis". Even in total, the cost for 4
pairs was still less than one Superfoot and a lot easier to return if I
have problems. So tonight, I started testing. I started off with a
single Dr. Scholl's athletic insert with supposed support for plantars,
but after just general, slow normal walking I found that it wasn't
enough. I then decided to try another insert especially made for
plantar fasciitis (or at least that's how it was marked). Still some
pain. Finally, I decided to try an experiment: re-insert the Dr.
Scholl's and then place the "specially made" one for PF on top of the
Dr. Scholl's. There was initial concern here as the PF insole was a bit
small and that this might cause discomfort (I had blisters start to form
recently from too small a Superfoot insert). Anyway, I did start
walking with the combination, slow at first and.... no pain! I then
proceeded to go my normal athletic walking speed, and I was able to go
1/2 my normal distance virtually without pain! Just a touch, but
nowhere near like the recent try with the Superfoot. Not getting too
excited yet, but I believe I have found my preliminary answer.
Apparently, the double inserts must relieve the pressure even better
than the one plus add additional padding where needed. I won't know for
sure until I try the combination a few more times, and I definitely
won't start pushing too much yet until I'm sure the pain is no longer an
issue. It would be great if so! One thing I didn't have on were my
socks, but I was still able to complete my half distance without blister
formation, couple of hot spots but no broken skin easily solved next
time when I wear my socks.

Hopefully, this is a breakthrough for me. Hopefully.


Ok, today, after just over a month, and armed with the "orange"
Superfoot insert in each shoe, I decided to try and go for 1/2 my prior
distance at full speed. The result: disappointment. I originally aimed
for 45 minutes, but stopped around 35 min when I started feeling pain in
the affected foot. I was afraid to go any further for fear of
triggering a total relapse. So that was that . You know, when my hip
acted up three years ago, it took a good 3 months to heal and even today
it can be "tender" at times.

I tried doing the stretches for the foot suggested here early on, but
all it seemed to do was make the symptoms worse. Not sure what would
happen at this point, but I may try and start the stretches tomorrow.

I thought the Superfoot would do the trick at this point, but it isn't.