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Default sudden return of plantar fasciitis

Ok, since some folks asked, here is the latest update after just over 8
months. After the plantar onset, I stopped walking until it healed and
it has basically taken this long. I tried about 4 different types of
inserts (Superfoot, Pinnacle, Walmart, etc) and doubling them up, but my
distance was still severely limited until the onset of the pain.

The good news is that I didn't gain much weight at all despite not being
able to walk, maybe 6 lbs and this varies by 3 lbs due to water weight.
So the task of losing the weight is much easier. Of course, I'm out
of shape cardiovascularly and it shows during the walks with the HR
jumping up a lot.

So, yesterday, after placing the Pinnacle inserts in my shoes, I started
walking again. I no longer plan on the 6.5-9 mi/ day walks like I used
to. As long as I manage to keep my weight steady, the most I will ever
walk for now on is 4 mi, but this won't be everyday. I may end up
alternating days of biking with walking, but I prefer to stick with
walking as long as I limit my distance this time.

Not much more to say other than folks wishing me luck maybe. I sure
don't want to end up with the fasciitis again and hope the shorter
distances, less total miles per week, and the inserts will do the trick.

Thanks again for all those who tried to help.