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Default Advice on walking shoes

On 16 Apr 2006 14:31:28 -0700, "AndyP" wrote:

Millions of people find running shoes good for walking in. I prefer
them to the supposedly more walking specific shoes from Salomon &
Columbia that I've used but I haven't tried the New Balance ones.
There's a dealer locator on the following site which appears to be
specifically for their walking shoes.

I know... on following the links, they're all for shops that
specialise in running and none of the London ones seem to stock any of
the walking shoes, except for the one that's an implant in Harrods,
which only stocks the women's shoes that are recommended for the

It was this that persuaded me I ought to try New Balance... if they're
publicising them for novices to walk a marathon in, they must have
something going for them... unfortunately you can't buy them anywhere.
I emailed them, but got no reply.

I'm now thinking along the lines of trail running shoes, I will visit
one of the outdoors shops and try some on.