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Default Bulls in fields

Hi I've been a lurker for some time now and feel for the first time that I
may have something to add to the thread.
Having worked with cattle for over 30 years I must agree with previous
writers that Bulls must at all times be treated with caution. They can turn
remarkably, almost on a sixpence (2.5p for you young 'uns) and can easily
out-run a human. However I have never been hurt or even had a close shave
with a Bull (possibly because of my caution) whereas I have suffered broken
ribs and more bruises than I could count from cows and more again from young
heifers. To heifers play is fun, and a friendly crowd of heifers gently
knocking you about can be the most painful of all. Carry a stick and don't
be afraid to use it if challenged, the brief pain you inflict on the animal
is nothing to what they are capable of doing to you, and they will forget it
in no time.


"Stuart" wrote in message

Irish Murdoch wrote in message
Is anybody else put off by bulls, or do
you all just stride blithely across their fields with ne'er a second

of being gored? What are the chances of a bull even caring that you're



speaking with some experiance of livestock.........95% of the time the

couldn't care less if you were in the same field, in fact if you went and
booted it up the backside it probably still couldn't care less , BUT and a
very big BUT, bulls are very unpredictable (with or without the company of
cows) if you find yourself in the same field as a bull NEVER take your eye
off it, and ALWAYS have an escape route planned, ie stay next to a fence

can jump over.