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Default Bulls in fields

"Martin Richardson" wrote in message

Many decades ago when I was an impoverished (I avoided the word poor,
because it could have been misinterpreted as referring to my ability as
a...) student, I had a summer job working as a chain man for the Essex
River Authority. Anyway, one day a surveyor and I we were surveying the
line of a small stream through a farm when I stuck the pole in a wasps
nest. Swarms of wasps engulfed us so we legged it into the next field
where, unbeknownst to us there was bull. This bull then chased the
surveyor who escaped by jumping over a fence right into the
aforementioned stream.
He was not happy with me after the event and made it very clear -
indeed, he refused to work with me again.

No wonder you've a fondness for wading unnecessarily through water.


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