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Default Training week ending June 27 2010

John Hurley wrote:
Greetings wreck runners! Please tell us about your training week and

An easy week post West Highland Way race. Not one of total relaxation
though. This year my legs have recovered faster than ever before. Some
folk have hinted that this must mean I wasn't trying hard enough in the race
(which is always a possibility) but I like to think that it was my training
that's helped.

Mon (2 days post race) dnr
Tues Club run. 4.8 miles fartlek. Nothing too strenuous but no muscle aches
or pains
Wed dnr
Thur Hill run. 8miles/800ft climb. Slightly heavy legs but still managed to
run all the way to the top.
Fri dnr
Sat dnr.

Total 12.8 miles.

I have to say I'm really pleased the way that my legs are feeling. Slightly
regretful that perhaps I didn't give it my all last weekend (if indeed I
could have done more) but I've got two more ultras this year to look forward
to, a 40 miler in 17 days time and a 43 miler (over the latter part of the
WHW course) in 38 days.