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Default Training week ending 10/9/2011

* DONE Pull up 2011-10-03 Mon
| Set | Exercise | Wgt | Rep | Total |
| 1 | Pull up | 218 | 3 | 654 |
| 2 | Chin up | 218 | 3 | 654 |
| 3 | Pull up | 218 | 2 | 436 |
| 4 | Chin up | 218 | 2 | 436 |
| | Total | | | 2180 |
** Notes
I am going to take a rest from pressing for a bit. Jim recommended
Turkish getups. I might try that tomorrow.

* DONE Clogging 5K 2011-10-08 Sat
** Plan
I am running a 5K with the family in support of our girls' dance
studio. I probably won't actually be running though because I am
in charge of both Eliza and Abigail, and I don't think either of
those two could run 500 meters, much less a full 5K. I have
challenged KaeLynn to a race. I told her that I could finish with
Eliza and Abigail before she could finish with Stella.

If she takes the stroller she should kill us. My plan is to trick
her into walking with us until the very end and then picking up the
girls and running. I think that even carrying a 3 year old and a 6
year old I can out sprint KaeLynn pushing a stroller.
** Actual
** Notes
I carried Abigail for nearly the entire race, she maybe walked
200M. Most of the time that I was not carrying Abigail I was
carrying Eliza. At one point I carried both Abigail and Eliza. It
took us 46 minutes to finish--mostly because I was waiting for

On the bright side Eliza finished just ahead of KaeLynn so our team
won (I think that KaeLynn was just being kind, but I will take
whatever victory I can get). More importantly the entire family
finished a 5K together, and it was tons of fun. Heck, Zac even
finished in 25 minutes and came in 14th overall (out of 99). He
did not even train for the run. Heck, he did not even have actual
running shoes.