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Default 3 climbers die

In article , The Reid
Following up to W. D. Grey

Baa-Baa Rainbow Sheep indeed ??

funnily enough I just read an article about that, quite
interesting. It said it was first reported in 86 and was done by
the "loony left" at Hackney, then in October that year where it
was in Haringay, the in 87 where it had moved to Islington, in
2000 it was in Birmingham and by 2005 in Aberdeen. "Parents and
children together" who run the playgroups in the most recent
outbreak said it was merely an attempt to encourage children to
think of their own adjectives, happy, sad, bouncing, pink or
whatever and nothing to do with race awareness, of course nobody
was interested in reporting that, it doesnt make "angry of
Bogner's" blood boil or sell newspapers!

Well that's a different slant on things. I don't think I'm alone in
believing the Rainbow Sheep was meant to replace Black sheep though.

Ta for you comments.
Bill Grey